Source Audio SA 223 - Soundblox2 Manta Bass Filter
A-Nr: SR SA 223 SB2 MBF
246,94 per unit
246,94 incl. VAT 
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  • Filter effects pedal with integrated distortions for electric bass guitar
  • Diverse Sound Palette – Features up to 24 different Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass, Single Peak, Multi-Peak, and Notch filters.
  • Drive/Distortion Type – 8 onboard distortions blend perfectly with any of the Manta’s filter effects for extremely modern or classic tones.
  • Deep Control Set – Access to control parameters typically found in only professional rack-mount effects, or computer software (see owner’s manual for details).
  • State-of-the-Art DSP – Our proprietary 56-bit Digital Signal Processor, the SA601, and crystal clear 24-bit converters.
  • Multi-Function Jacks – Use the Source Audio Hot Hand motion sensors, or Dual Expression Pedal, for on-the-fly control over modulation or any adjustable parameter.
  • MIDI Capable – Use the Soundblox HUB for MIDI access to control parameters and save up to 128 user presets on the Hub.
  • Universal Bypass – Select either analog buffered or relay based True Bypass.
  • Compact, rugged, cast aluminum housing. Dimensions: L: 4.5 in./11.4cm x W: 4.5 in./11.4cm x H: 2.25 in./5.7cm (including knobs)
  • 9V DC power supply included
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